Far-flung relatives

DSCF2138_editedA (rare) personal moment of nostalgia today. My relatives are on other continents, but that’s often/most times ok: after all, we can communicate easily digitally and on-screen. After what were years of not having met “for real”, I actually got the rare pleasure of seeing my super special older-sister-cousin who was passing through town for a couple of days. A moment of exchanging latest personal news, basking in the warmth of a springtime outdoor lunch, and then a hug and a “see you again tomorrow”.

But I know that life happens and gets in the way, and time shrinks and other people wanted her time, so, very much out of character, I found myself panicking that she’d leave without another little slot of shared quality time… In the end we did have that extra hour, but as if to answer my pining after family, when I arrived at the second appointment, she was with…. 10 more distant cousins!

Long story: one of the family branches is into group travels, and they had all flown in to drive off together in a rented van to the hills of Tuscany (btw. why are foreigners so focused on Tuscany? Answer: probably simply because Tuscans do a better job of advertising their region and wines. In fact, expect me to wax poetic about other regions of Italy in future blogs…)
Anyway, the point of all this is that yesterday’s hug was too brief. When life offers you the rare opportunity to meet up again with your loved ones, drop everything, change your routines, postpone your obligations, move your work schedules – you can fill up your coffee mug and work into the wee hours after, to catch up on whatever you were supposed to do that day. Take your loves ones around, be there for them 24/7 and make sure the parting hug is a joyous one with plans for meeting again, maybe at the other end of the world.

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