7-day photo challenge – Day 1


I’m very grateful I was nominated by http://thepickyeatertravels.wordpress.com  for a 7-day photo challenge, but as this is neither a daily blog nor a photography blog, I’ll give it a one-day try for now! Pickyeater posts great travelogues and her “Guides” to cities and countries are so well researched, illustrated and explained they make you feel like planning your next trip right away!

So I’m including a nature picture I took in the Garden of Ninfa, Italy a few years ago. The garden was landscaped in the early 1920s by a group of people among which one was an Englishwoman and one an American heiress. It’s managed by a non-profit Foundation, and is about an hour south of Rome. It only opens on specific days, and you have to book your tickets online. Does anyone know what these pink plants are? I never thought of nature in terms of all that pink!

I’m nominating an eclectic blog,  http://zipfslaw.org with posts on language, language statistics and lovely anecdotes about life in Paris and travelling elsewhere for his job. Hoping this inspires him to post one of his own nature pictures too -maybe we can both pass on the “on each 7 successive days” – but please keep the ball rolling by nominating another blog 🙂

photo © http://14thcountry.com


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14 Responses to 7-day photo challenge – Day 1

  1. Hi Bea,

    Beautiful photo! I think you missed your calling as a photographer. 🙂


  2. Joel F says:

    The photo is stunning. One a kind pink plant i supposed. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this Bea.

  3. roninjax says:

    Certainly eye-catching. I don’t recall seeing this in in the U.S. but I’ll increase my awareness.

  4. Val says:

    It’s a type of Acer (Japanese Maple) from the leaves. There are a lot of different varieties and some have that type of leaf. They come in many different shades, including burgundy red, pink, lime green, golden yellow. We have many acers in our garden (yard).

  5. Barb Knowles says:

    It DOES look like it could be in a Seuss book! Very cool.

  6. zipfslaw1 says:

    My first guess was Japanese maple, but no…

  7. Very interesting plants, definitely a beautiful pink. We almost nominated you ourselves, but weren’t sure that you’d be up to a daily post. Guess we were wrong 😉

    • Bea dM says:

      Aren’t they bizarre but pretty? No you weren’t wrong – I’m not up to a daily post at all, and just hope I won’t be breaking any protocol rules by taking things in … my stride 🙂

  8. Thank you for an amazing description of my blog! 🙂 You’re picture is gorgeous, it looks very whimsical and it actually reminds me of pink fairy floss or it looks like it could be in a Dr. Seuss book! 🙂

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