Almost there …


Weather’s glorious today, and we’re still all cooped in. It’s Sunday so no excuses to go out today, supermarkets big and small are closed, as well as tobacconist’s – though I really don’t understand why tobacconists are allowed to open on weekdays anyway. The neighborhood “real market” I’ve kept out of since going a fortnight ago, and seeing just about everybody disregarding social distancing and standing around in little groups, talking together. No masks. A few days ago some 4 or 5 carabinieri cars swooped down on the market. In fact, the Rome municipality has made quite a bit of money from all the (stiff) fines since all this began.

I did get something good out of it last time I went: a paperback in French, which I found in the special box at the entrance of the market. I used to get quite a kick out of looking at the books and magazines people just leave there. It actually looks like a good book, but it’s been on my terrace in the sunshine since, I turn it around every day, they say sunshine kills germs, except I don’t know how long before I can trust it?

There have been two deaths in the immediate surroundings, one of which was in our building, but it seemed like a “normal” passing away: the area has a lot of elderly people living here. The other one I saw in front of – not inside – the neighborhood church, with the priest blessing the coffin in the pallbearer’s car, and people praying along… spread around in the street in social distancing mode.

We’ll find out in a few days what’s going to happen on May 4th, when the country is meant to relax a lot of measures. I think we’ll be able to move around the city without the auto-certification document which makes me feel like an ex-con on parole, but apparently face-masks might be compulsory everywhere outside the home.

They say bookstores are reopening, but with only one client at a time for each 40 square meters, and no dawdling. It doesn’t sound great, so I guess Jeff Bezos will go on to be a trillionaire thanks to my ever-increasing stash of e-books. I’d discovered the joys of a chain of great second-hand shops where you also could buy anything under the sun including books, except they aren’t under the sun, they’re huge underground shops. So even if they reopen soon, I don’t see myself going back there for quite some time.

Do I sound obsessed?  I’m starting to be.

I’m keeping an eye on hairdressers’ re-openings. For the first time ever, I ended up with some do-it-yourself hair-dyeing a week ago, which all things considered went off ok. That is, ok at least on the front, as I have no idea what I look like from the back where I couldn’t reach anyway. I must have become more like typical Italian women than I thought: as soon as possible, I think I’ll react to all of this with a drastic change in hairstyle. The first big change in over two decades: off with what’s become a very long shapeless mass, maybe short short hair with something left un-dyed. If I don’t chicken out…


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6 Responses to Almost there …

  1. This truly feels like a strange time, being cooped up indoors for longer than we’re used to. Our pastimes and tiny pleasures start to mean more to us. Hang in there. We’ll make it through to the other side of this crisis…and yes, most probably sporting a new hairstyle by then. Keep safe! 🙂

  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    My partner’s worked up the nerve to clip the dogs a bit but we haven’t gotten brave–or desperate–enough to cut each other’s hair. I look like a dandelion. She just looks shaggy. The dogs, however, look fine.

  3. equipsblog says:

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering how things were going in Rome. Hope your hairstyle and look are not too gruesome. I need a hairdresser badly, followed immediately by a pedicure–nail polish optional. Stay safe and hope you find some books you love.

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