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United we stand, divided we … ?

Life in interesting times is the subtitle of this blog. I studiously avoid the political, but this morning I can’t help commenting on the crazy state of the world and where we’ll all going. Apologies to my usual bloggy friends. In … Continue reading

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Windshields, garages and cigarette butts in Rome

Dirty windshields, garages and cigarette butts…? Yes, because illegality is very much at home in Rome. I love my car, but it’s pretty dirty right now. From time to time yellowish Saharan sand rains down here overnight, and all the … Continue reading

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Côte d’Azur – ignoring Climate Change closer to home

We seem to have become immune to all the world climate-related catastrophes with huge numbers of victims, displaced people and financial losses. When huge killer floods hit Asian locations such as China or Bangladesh, or even the USA, or drought … Continue reading

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