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United we stand, divided we … ?

Life in interesting times is the subtitle of this blog. I studiously avoid the political, but this morning I can’t help commenting on the crazy state of the world and where we’ll all going. Apologies to my usual bloggy friends. In … Continue reading

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The poetry of particle physics

This isn’t a post about science, but without some background you’ll be wondering what a poem’s doing here. CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research is located in Geneva. It’s where they study the fundamental structure of the universe … Continue reading

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A Chilean composer in Rome

  All roads lead to Rome, so you can come across all sorts of world travelers here. Alejandro Guarello is a Chilean-born composer with Italian – Scottish ancestry, and I was lucky to meet him through a friend around the … Continue reading

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What about the dressing?

  The space salad news came out a fortnight ago, and I’ll skip all the scientific details you can read about on their official website*. If you missed it, NASA got astronauts to grow their own romaine lettuce aboard the … Continue reading

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Pluto day … but what’s in a name?

So today is Pluto day, with my name stuck on the New Horizons satellite up there on that famous CD*, can’t help but stop and think …. what’s in a name? I’ve had issues with my name(s) from day one.  … Continue reading

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Pluto and the Marseillaise

Sometimes you do funny things without quite knowing why, and I was reminded of what I did on September 6 2005. I joined the New Horizons Pluto project and another 434,737 people by registering my name on the CD they … Continue reading

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