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Snowbound in Rome

There were pleasant whiffs of mountain air for the last few days… … and we finally woke up this morning to a snow-covered city, with blurry snowflakes that kept falling till about 10 am. Beautiful scenery, except that Rome is … Continue reading

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Water rationing in Rome?

Back in Rome. The heat’s bearable, after weeks of tropical mugginess when most daytime hours could only be spent indoors. Many Romans are still on summer holidays, a godsend in terms of traffic and parking, but it won’t last long. … Continue reading

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Suburban pumpkins, Harleys and a museum

Back in Rome after a couple of weeks in the USA, everything feels smaller here. Even street-art colours were more exhuberant there. Here we’re cramped for space, streets are narrower, there’s less green and above all less sky.  In the USA, … Continue reading

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Côte d’Azur – ignoring Climate Change closer to home

We seem to have become immune to all the world climate-related catastrophes with huge numbers of victims, displaced people and financial losses. When huge killer floods hit Asian locations such as China or Bangladesh, or even the USA, or drought … Continue reading

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