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Bloggers meet in Piazza Farnese

Unlike this picture, it was a grey and windy day … and I met blogging-friends in person for the very first time. Dona and Peter are enthusiastic foodies, seasoned hikers, curious travelers who have been to many countries, and out-of-the-way … Continue reading

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Potatoes and peas lost in translation

This is not about food, it’s about language. Potatoes are served as a side dish just about anywhere in Italy, but they’re not typically part of the vaunted regional cuisines. Pasta, rice and polenta are more like it. Last week’s … Continue reading

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The Three Kings or flying back into the past?

It’s taking me a while to adjust to the idea we’re into a New Year. The best advice I’ve come across is probably from Queen Elisabeth II in her Xmas message to our Brexiting friends: ”…take a deep breath…”. Very apt. … Continue reading

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Back to the Middle Ages

Most tourists come to Italy in search of good food, good wine, and they visit the main cities. They get to see a lot of Roman ruins and Renaissance and Baroque art, but most don’t venture out on their own … Continue reading

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Mishmash: Rome and splashes of Puglia

The weather in Rome was lovely, but the string of beautiful late summer days finally broke this morning. No more alternating blue skies, multi-hued wild cotton flocks of sheep-like clouds piling up and blowing by with drenching showers followed by … Continue reading

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Suburban pumpkins, Harleys and a museum

Back in Rome after a couple of weeks in the USA, everything feels smaller here. Even street-art colours were more exhuberant there. Here we’re cramped for space, streets are narrower, there’s less green and above all less sky.  In the USA, … Continue reading

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United we stand, divided we … ?

Life in interesting times is the subtitle of this blog. I studiously avoid the political, but this morning I can’t help commenting on the crazy state of the world and where we’ll all going. Apologies to my usual bloggy friends. In … Continue reading

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No Summer Solstice in Rome

I was looking forward to celebrating the night of the Summer Solstice, but discovered there’s no such thing in Rome. Or Italy for that matter. Or rather, it’s not celebrated, and besides, it actually happens here a few minutes after … Continue reading

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Brief history of gatecrashing Romans

The Portuguese Empire at its height had a very close relationship with Rome and the Vatican. It played an important role in the life of the city, and owned a lot of land and palazzi in the very heart of … Continue reading

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A Chilean composer in Rome

  All roads lead to Rome, so you can come across all sorts of world travelers here. Alejandro Guarello is a Chilean-born composer with Italian – Scottish ancestry, and I was lucky to meet him through a friend around the … Continue reading

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