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Exceptional woman breaks through the glass ceiling

Last November 10th, I posted “No Country for Exceptional Women”. In the aftermath of recent events, I read many essays and articles claiming that the USA Presidential glass ceiling had at least been seriously “cracked”. I see no sign of … Continue reading

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Mishmash: Rome and splashes of Puglia

The weather in Rome was lovely, but the string of beautiful late summer days finally broke this morning. No more alternating blue skies, multi-hued wild cotton flocks of sheep-like clouds piling up and blowing by with drenching showers followed by … Continue reading

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Suburban pumpkins, Harleys and a museum

Back in Rome after a couple of weeks in the USA, everything feels smaller here. Even street-art colours were more exhuberant there. Here we’re cramped for space, streets are narrower, there’s less green and above all less sky.  In the USA, … Continue reading

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Rome in disarray …

Getting away from Rome from time to time is a must if you want to hold on to your sanity. You usually get back in a far lighter mood and tend to actually believe things will really change one day. … Continue reading

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Rome does contemporary too …

The Coliseum sounds exciting to most tourists, but when you have to deal with the illogical clogged one-way traffic lanes counter-crossed around it a couple of times a week, it loses its glamour. So when friends visit, I don’t take them … Continue reading

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Past conditional

(this isn’t a grammar lesson). Past conditionals obviously can’t be disregarded. In most Latin-origin languages, these verb forms and endings are often extremely difficult and a major hurdle for foreign learners. Italian past conditionals are particularly difficult, yet Italian culture … Continue reading

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