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To blog or not to blog…

Apart from a couple of posts, I stopped writing here at the end of last summer. I believe in positive thinking, and when things go pear-shaped the only way to go is humour. But finding things funny when they’ve got into … Continue reading

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Mishmash: Rome and splashes of Puglia

The weather in Rome was lovely, but the string of beautiful late summer days finally broke this morning. No more alternating blue skies, multi-hued wild cotton flocks of sheep-like clouds piling up and blowing by with drenching showers followed by … Continue reading

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Metro vs. history: Rome Olympics in 2024?

The mix of headlines on the front page* was confusing. On one hand the city of Rome is wallowing in debt it won’t be able to pay off for decades, so we have cuts in all services planned for the … Continue reading

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Making the bridge in Rome

“Fare il ponte” – to make the bridge  – is the traditional lengthening of a holiday by taking a day (or two) off to link a holiday to a weekend. At the start of any New Year, most Italians will … Continue reading

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Griping about Rome

  I’ve been avoiding writing about Rome because I can’t think of anything really positive to write about it these days, except the weather. That is, the weather as a yearly statistical average (one of the best in Europe). Not … Continue reading

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