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Blogging from Rome

On the face of it, writing from here should be easy. When short of ideas, I can just go out and find something striking: the Coliseum or any of hundreds of stunning world-class monuments, churches, piazzas and fountains. The Tiber … Continue reading

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Apulia miscellany

Getting out of Rome for an occasional long weekend is necessary if you want to hold on to your sanity, and it hadn’t happened since last summer. So two days near Bari were a breath of welcome hill and sea … Continue reading

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Bologna and Florence without sightseeing

It was a greyish day in Bologna. The canopy of clouds darkened the mustardy yellow and uncertain ocre of the buildings that looked rather drab even when the sun came out. In the weather shrouded light they looked distinctly depressing … Continue reading

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Making the bridge in Rome

“Fare il ponte” – to make the bridge  – is the traditional lengthening of a holiday by taking a day (or two) off to link a holiday to a weekend. At the start of any New Year, most Italians will … Continue reading

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Pleasantly provincial Marche

The Grand Tour of Italy is what most people aim for, and they end up visiting major cities, archeological sites and museums, and often miss out on scores of much more  – authentic places, that have the added dimension of … Continue reading

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From away

I thought going up to Maine by coach would feel a bit adventurous, reminiscent of Hollywood Greyhound driven road trips. It turned out to be pretty tame, a very sedate and well-organized three and a half hours on a comfortable … Continue reading

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Boston break

  Visiting places is never like actually living there, by definition you’re on holiday. You don’t have to deal with real life, which for most people involves dragging yourself from bed to breakfast to commute to traffic jams and everything … Continue reading

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