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Olives and coriandoli on Italian trains

  Post WW II European films were all about neo-realism, and scenes in crowded 2° or 3° class train compartments were often a perfect setting. Third class has disappeared since, and most trains nowadays have open space carriages with rows … Continue reading

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Times a-changing on the field

Politics, religion and football (European style) are topics I shy away from here, as animus can get pretty loaded. But there’s a footballer issue that’s made local headlines and it’s a good story to reflect on. If you live in … Continue reading

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Time for gratitude

  Thanksgiving is my favourite yearly celebration, though it’s not on the calendar here in Italy. And while I believe many countries, peoples and individuals would greatly benefit from taking a pause and celebrating it, I also wonder why we … Continue reading

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Pluto and the Marseillaise

Sometimes you do funny things without quite knowing why, and I was reminded of what I did on September 6 2005. I joined the New Horizons Pluto project and another 434,737 people by registering my name on the CD they … Continue reading

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Madonna at the stadium

 Anthropologically speaking, football (= soccer) as religion is a given. The cross-over in mainly South American and European countries is remarkable, even Popes sometimes set aside their holy duties to watch matches. In July 2014, the two living Popes were … Continue reading

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