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Terracina’s long beach

When you go out-of-town on a job, you normally don’t pay much attention to whatever city or town you’re in. It’s in and out. But last week I had a couple of days of work in a seaside town I’d … Continue reading

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Turin to rewind in the Year of the Rooster

Happy New Year! Chinese New Year, that is. Any opportunity’s a good opportunity to start the year all over again, after a month of January that’s offered most of us a rather bleak – if not dark – view of … Continue reading

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Back to the Middle Ages

Most tourists come to Italy in search of good food, good wine, and they visit the main cities. They get to see a lot of Roman ruins and Renaissance and Baroque art, but most don’t venture out on their own … Continue reading

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Suburban pumpkins, Harleys and a museum

Back in Rome after a couple of weeks in the USA, everything feels smaller here. Even street-art colours were more exhuberant there. Here we’re cramped for space, streets are narrower, there’s less green and above all less sky.  In the USA, … Continue reading

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Brief history of gatecrashing Romans

The Portuguese Empire at its height had a very close relationship with Rome and the Vatican. It played an important role in the life of the city, and owned a lot of land and palazzi in the very heart of … Continue reading

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Olives and coriandoli on Italian trains

  Post WW II European films were all about neo-realism, and scenes in crowded 2° or 3° class train compartments were often a perfect setting. Third class has disappeared since, and most trains nowadays have open space carriages with rows … Continue reading

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Pleasantly provincial Marche

The Grand Tour of Italy is what most people aim for, and they end up visiting major cities, archeological sites and museums, and often miss out on scores of much more  – authentic places, that have the added dimension of … Continue reading

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What about the dressing?

  The space salad news came out a fortnight ago, and I’ll skip all the scientific details you can read about on their official website*. If you missed it, NASA got astronauts to grow their own romaine lettuce aboard the … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July !

Today I’ve got the 4th of July on my mind. Traffic was all tied up around the US Residence yesterday for the official reception, one of the few yearly really major whole area gridlocks that doesn’t make me turn ballistic … Continue reading

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Rushed on to #2 list of favorites: favorite food?

After my last week’s struggle with a “favourites” list, I had decided to give lists a pause. Or rather my inability to actually list anything. I’ve been drowning since yesterday in ornate descriptions of improbable food, as I’’ve just launched … Continue reading

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